best dentist in islamabad
We specialize in dentistry and have a purpose built facility comprising of all clinical departments, fully equipped with sophisticated, hi-tech dental units and equipment. Our Dental Hospital provides high quality comprehensive dental care using the latest materials and state-of-the-art restorative technology, all at a reasonable rate. Our dentistry clinical departments are specialized in: Orthodontics •...
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At ANTH, we have a well-established Nephrology and kidney stone Center with a highly qualified and experienced team of Nephrologists. We are geared towards expanding options for patients with renal failure and kidney diseases. We are fully equipped with all the necessary and advanced equipment’s and our technical staff is well trained in Dialysis and...
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Cancer awareness
Let me start by raise simple query, what is a blessing? When we take this particular word in our view or hear it, what crosses our mind? Answering my own question, I have this perspective that whatever ease that comes into our lives as a holy grail, as a savior, a rescuer, is indeed a...
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There are days in life when you feel like your life is stuck. When you are unable to perform any task or when you just stop building or coping up with the social relationships in your life. You start being less productive at your professional space and dull at home. Our daily life functions, infact...
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pcnl surgery
Department of urology at Islamabad medical and dental college/Akbar Niazi teaching hospital Islamabad at Satra meal Murree Road has started minimally invasive treatment of urolithiasis at a very affordable cost. The salient feature of this ongoing program is PCNL and Mini-PCNL, that is the removal any size of stone from the kidney through one small...
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