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If you want to consult about orthopedic injuries, causes, and prevention methods, you can consult a well-known Orthopedic Surgeon of Islamabad & Rawalpindi – Assistant Professor Dr. Asfandyar Khan, who deals in the treatment of fractures, backache, neck & joint pain, osteoporosis sciatic pain and arthroplasties that include partial and total hip and knee replacements.

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An orthopedic injury is defined as an injury that occurs to the musculoskeletal system of the body, which includes bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. There may be multiple causes of the injury to the musculoskeletal system, it could be an accident or a trauma that the body has been subjected to. In routine cases, orthopedic injuries occur due to involvement in any sport or falling from a certain height with a force. Let’s have a detailed insight into the categorization of orthopedic injuries, how they are classified, how can we prevent them and when is the right time to see the best orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad.

Categorization of Orthopedic Injuries


Fracture is one of the most common types of orthopedic injury. It is a break in a bone, that can be a complete break or a slight hair-line fracture. Most of the time, a fracture is a result of trauma, a fall from a height, or a road accident. Apart from that, the fracture, however, can also be caused by osteoporosis – a condition that gradually weakens bones as you age and makes them more prone to breaking. Excessive usage or repetitive motions of certain bones, seen most often in athletes, also result in stress fractures.


Dislocations of a bone or a joint is another condition where you might require to see the best Orthopedic Surgeon/Consultant. It occurs when the bones of a joint are hit out of place, in a result of any traumatic accident, fall, or road accident. Weakened tendons and muscles are also, sometimes, help responsible for joint dislocations.

Shoulder Injury

If there is any mobile joint in the human body, it would be appropriate to name the shoulder joint for it. Due to its nature, it promotes functional efficiency. Besides, shoulder joint pain or arthritis, impingement is a common shoulder condition, that occurs when the rotator cuff of the shoulder gets pinched between the shoulder top and the upper arm bone. It results in a pinching sensation which eventually leads to compression and diminished blood flow, which is caused by an increase in pressure in your tendons. Such medical conditions are diagnosed with careful assessment and examination by the best Orthopedic Surgeon.


Arthritis is one of the most painful medical conditions associated with orthopedics. It is the inflammation or swelling of one or more joints that lands a person in an extremely painful state. This condition can be managed with medications as well as physiotherapy. Massaging the infected area is also helpful in relieving the pain. If the mentioned treatment options do not work, acupuncture and joint immobilization are brought into practice. Even then if nothing works out, the last option that remains is surgical intervention.

Knee Pain

People often complain about knee pain, mostly due to degenerative diseases of joints. Lack of exercise, prolonged sitting, bad posture, obesity, and nutritional deficiencies are some of the common risk factors linked with knee pains. Fractures, ligament injuries associated with the knee joint, damage caused by arthritis, and knee cap dislocation, are some of the common medical conditions that require an expert consultation with the best orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad.

Hip Joint Pain

The hip joint is one of the largest joints which, just like the knees, supports your body weight. Its healthy state enables effective mobility. Any kind of disease or injury to the hip joint can cause severe pain. Such issues can affect any age from a newborn to an aged person. Old age specifically, is one of the major causes of hip joint fractures due to weaker bones and osteoporosis. Falling with a significant force at an older age can also trigger such problems.

Lack of blood supply to hip joints due to steroid intake can also lead to necrosis of the femur head which causes great distress and severe pain in hip joint movements. Such cases mostly require surgical interventions. Symptoms of such conditions include the inability to move the hip, bear weight, walk properly, swelling, and pain in the hip joint. If you ever experience any such condition, go for an immediate investigation and screening.

How to Prevent Orthopedic Disorders

Through proper medical care, we can reduce the risks of encountering orthopedic injuries. Taking enough calcium in our diet, maintaining a healthy body weight as per our BMI, and avoiding tobacco use & smoking, keep our bones healthy, strong, and intact. Adopting such a lifestyle also helps you in your later ages in preventing conditions like osteoporosis when your bones get weaker and are vulnerable to breaking.