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Viral hepatitis is the most common cause of liver disease across the globe. Over 13 million people in Pakistan are suffering from various liver diseases and alarmingly, Pakistan has also the second highest prevalence rate of Hepatitis C in the world.

In Pakistan, about one million people are in dire need of Liver Transplant, but it is very unfortunate that due to lack of awareness and enough medical care facilities, many people are not only left deprived of on-time treatment but also lose the battle of life and death. These stats for sure, reflect the worrying situation in the country.

Dr. Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital has come up with a great initiative of establishing a Liver Transplant Clinic on 21st June under the supervision of an eminent Turkish Transplant Surgeon, Professor Dr. Remzi Emiroglu.

Dr. Remzi Emiroglu is a Professor of Medicine & General Surgery at Uludag University and a highly competent Chief Liver Transplant Surgeon having his area of expertise in General Surgery & Liver Transplantation. He has performed countless successful liver transplant procedures, which certainly is a proud element of his portfolio.

At this Liver Transplant Clinic, Dr. Remzi Emirogly and his team will provide free checkup as well as detailed counseling to liver transplant patients for their complete treatment, so that they could have a compassionate way-forward to lead a better and healthy life.

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